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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why Rooster and Horse Weathervanes are the Overall Most Popular Choices

Eagle Weathevane - Copper
Out of all the products we sell on our ecommerce site, the two most popular themes center around the Rooster and Horse Weathervane.  They both account for a significant percentage of the sales compared to the other styles we offer.

Even with these two styles, there are many variations to choose from which attracts the attention of customer.  Below are what I feel are the reasons for their popularity:

  1. Eagles are patriotic symbols.  They are used in military symbols and look great as emblems for weather vanes.
  2. Horses are a symbol of Americana.  They remind us of the old west days and a simpler time where the animal was an important part of the workforce.
  3. Horses are beautiful creatures and special pets for some families, therefore a horse weathervane can be a symbol of love for horse-loving families.
  4. Eagles are majestic creatures usually seen soaring high in the sky.  This makes a great theme for a weathervane perched high on a rooftop.
  5. Both the eagle and horse emblems used in the creation of our weathervanes are prolific.  They stand out compared to some of our other vanes and appear more 3-D.
Both of these choices in weathervanes have a number of variations, including copper, aluminum, painted, and multi-color choices.  Many people also enjoy the Blue Patina finish - an antique-looking finish to make the wind vane appear very old.

There is also quite a choice in SIZE, from small garden weathervanes (24") to large estate series which are around 5 feet.  Whatever your interest, we have many to choose from.  Please visit our site at the picture links below!

Click for our Selection of Horse Weathervanes

Horse Weathervanes

Click for Our Selection of Eagle Weathervanes
Eagle Weathevanes

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nautical Weathervanes: How You Can Bring an Ocean Theme to Your Home and Garden

Nautical Ocean Weathervanes
The Nautical theme is very popular with many homeowners, especially those who leave close to  the ocean (or used to).  Nautical weathervanes are a great way to display one's love for the water and things that live in the water too.

Many people are not aware of the vast number and kinds of vanes available today.  Here are some for you water-lovers:

Nautical Themed Weathervanes:

  • Whale (Sperm whale, Baleen whale, etc)
  • Mermaid
  • Dolphin
  • Sea Gull
  • Sailboat
  • Pelican
  • Light House
  • Fish
  • Fisherman

Nautical Sailboat Weathervane
We've seen some really great applications of these wind vanes where people have put them on their coastal homes, especially right at the peak of their home.  Some we've seen have a great view of the ocean and coastline behind the home with the weathervane being prominent on the home.  I think in general, people buy a nautical-themed vane to incorporate a love of the ocean with their dwelling place.

Perhaps the most popular choice of weathervane we've sold from our store is the Blue Verde Whale Weathervane.  It's been a great seller both from our site and from sales on Ebay.  We've also been able to trace several of these orders to buyers on the coastal cities.  In fact, one recent sale was to a hotel owner on the west coast for the hotel.  

Great Pelican Antique Weathervane
Other choices that are the most popular from the list above would be the mermaid and sailboat choices.  The sailboat is an especially strong seller as many people own (or have owned) boats in the past.  We also have quiet a few more choices in this area than the other weather vanes on the list.

As far as mounting, the rooftop mount is the most popular application.  Some people choose the garden pole when they want to bring the theme into a backyard garden application, but generally this is the exception.  It seems the rooftop mount gets the instrument high up in the air for the prominence people are looking for when mounting it. People also mount these on gazebos, decks, sheds and other places they want to bring the "ocean touch" to.

We encourage you to stop by today and see our great selection of ocean wind vanes today - all at about 30% off retail, FREE SHIPPING and free mount included!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Antique Copper Weathervanes - It's How to Quickly Add that Vintage 100 Year Old Look

Antique Blue Verde Horse Weathervane
One of the most popular weathervane choices is antique copper.  While there are several different choices available (see my other post on "Which Finish Should I Choose"), the Copper choice is still most popular.  When talking about antique or Vintage weathervanes though, people do not always mean an old appearance.

Creating the Vintage Themed Look:

There are basically two ways to approach getting that old look.  The first way is by purchasing this type of weather vane finish.  The copper finish is chemically aged to appear very old, hence, you can get the 100 year old look right out of the box!!! This is very appealing to many people who want to match the look of the instrument to an old barn or house that looks just as old.  This finish is called by different names or sometimes a combination of the names below:
  • Blue Patina
  • Weathered
  • Oxidized Copper
  • Blue Verde
  • Antique Copper
Regardless of the name, it's made to look OLD in appearance and the appearance will change even more over time as the copper continues to interact with the elements.  It's really a beautiful thing to see a weathervane age.

Fireman Weathervane in Antique Multi-Color
The other approach people take to getting that vintage look is to choose one whose THEME is old in appearance.  The actual finish may be bright shiny copper or even a solid painted surface, yet the theme is a old-time subject like the weathervane we sell of the old country doctor with horse and carriage.  Other theme might include an old lighthouse, antique shotgun, old tractor, or airplane weathervane.  We sell all these styles and more to create that special look for your outdoor enjoyment.

  Creating an Antique Finish on Your Weathervane

If your weather vane is a bright shiny finish, it can be turned into a antique patina finish using a little steel wool and two household chemicals (table salt and white vinegar).  Rub down the wind instrument lightly with the steel wool and then put the salt and vinegar in the bottle and spray down.  Over time it will quickly develop a patina finish.  You can spray again weekly if you like to accelerate the process.

In short, the antique copper weathervanes are among the most popular we sell and we continue to see good demand for this special type.  Please look over our site today to see all the special vanes we carry to dress up your property!
Weathervanes in Antique
Samples of Our Antique Weathervanes at

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eight Ways Weathervanes and Cupolas Add Value to Your Property and Home

Copper Mermaid Weathervane great for your Home or Cupola
When most people see a weathervane, they generally don't stop to think about all the ways this instrument can add value to a person's property (and life).  Adding value to a home, shed, or barn means more though than a dollar amount to the owner(s).  Consider all the following benefits:

Eight Ways to Add Real Value Using Weathervanes and Cupolas:

  1. They add aesthetic value - this is an appreciation for beauty or elegance the instruments can bring to the homeowners and guests to the property
  2. They communicate a person's hobbies and interests (like fishing or favorite animals)
  3. They provide a useful function like determining wind direction (weather vanes) or venting air from attics (functions of many cupolas)
  4. They add tangible real estate value to the property
  5. They can add "curb appeal" to the property 
  6. They provide a focal point for outdoor decor
  7. Placing one or both of these provides for a very quick way to change the look of the structure.
  8. Because of the varied kinds of  weathervanes, it is very easy to create an area of themed decor such as a hummingbird weathervane to accent a large backyard Garden.

Flying Geese Copper Weather vane with Copper Topped Cupola
Cupolas can be added to existing structure rather easily.  They can be installed stand-alone or with the weathervane option too.  Besides a home, a good choice for the placement of a cupola would be a barn, large shed, or garage.  Because they usually come in wood or vinyl, colors are easy to match or complement  with pre-exising structures.  This is especially true with the wood ones which are usually repainted to the person's liking.

Keep in mind too that many come with a shiny copper roof which really accents  the overall piece when it's installed.  They are not hard to install as many will come in three separate pieces which cuts down on the weight during installation.

If you are in the mood to quickly change your property a bit or just add the splash of designer touch to an area, consider using a weathervane or cupola for your next project.  We have a great many designs at and great customer service to help you achieve a look you'll be proud of!

Cupola Applications and Ideas for the Homeowner available at

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Which Weathervane Finish Should I Choose?

Antique Whale weathervane in Blue Patina finish
Weathervanes are beautiful instruments that can be ordered in a number of different finishes from flat black to shiny copper.  The particular finish of a weathervane is often used to accent the particular theme.  Sometimes themes may be mixed, but generally are one type or another.

6 Different Weathervane Finishes:

  1. Shiny Copper (Shine will diminish over time as an attractive patina develops)
  2. Blue Patina - this is an antique copper finish made to make the weathervane look decades old
  3. Rust Finish - this looks like it sounds - a rust colored coating
  4. Painted surface - this often is black but can be other colors too.
  5. Aluminum surfaced - aluminum weather vanes are often painted
  6. Multi-colored painted - these are often full color ornaments painted above the arrow

Many people love the shiny copper because of the attention it draws by reflecting the light while others love the antique look of the blue patina weathervanes.  The choice of finish then mainly lies with you - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have an old barn you're putting a weathervane on and you like the antique theme, you might want to choose a blue patina look to cause the image of the vane to look as if its been there as long as your barn.   Or, instead of the weathered finish, you might want a John Deere or tractor weathervane to go with the "farm" theme.

For those who choose a shiny copper one, you should understand that the shine will tarnish overtime developing a patina that will look like the blue patina weathervanes sold.  There is a spray lacquer that will help keep the copper from tarnishing that is highly recommended if you want to preserve the shiny image.   From our experience, about 2/3 of the weathervanes sold are shiny copper.

One special type of vanes we sell is the aluminum garden weathervane with full color ornaments.  These painted ornaments really serve to add a focal point to a garden.  These are available in themes like fireman, wild animals, eagle, bird, horse, and even the tractor one mentioned above.  The tractor weathervane looks like an old John Deere farm tractor.  These tractor weathervanes are among our best sellers.

Finish is an important choice for your weathervane, but more than that, choose what you will be happy with for decades to come.  That's the great thing about these products - the long-term pleasing enjoyment they provide!

Check out our weathervanes below - Free Shipping while offer lasts!
Tractor Weathervane $74.99 FREE SHIPPING

Weathervane Design Tips: Adding a Focal Point to that Special Place around your Home

Polished Copper Banner Weathervane

Many people only think of the INDOORS when it comes to designing features which look attractive.  But outdoor design is just as important!  In fact, it could be more important since the outside of your home is the first thing your guests see when they arrive.

A weathervane is one of the quickest and most prominent ways to create a focal point for your home or other outdoor structure. They create instant curb appeal! Weathervanes typically are mounted on rooftops where they can easily be seen and promote the special things the homeowner loves.  Some vanes are mounted in the garden on a garden mounted pole, but the majority are mounted on roofs to achievethat prominence the homeowner wants to create.

In selecting that special place, think about the following:

6 Steps on How to Select the Best Weathervane for Your Home:

  1. What place do I MOST want to promote as I drive up (or do I want my guests to see)?
  2. Do I prefer a special place in my backyard as opposed to the front of my property?
  3. What interests do I have? Do I enjoy animals, a decorative figure, or something more abstract?
  4. What finish would I prefer on the weathervane? Shiny Copper or a weathered, aged, blue patina look?
  5. What about mounting the weather vane on my home? On an adjoining structure like a garage or shed?
  6. How large should the weathervane be? 
These are all great questions to help you narrow down where you will enjoy the weathervane for years to come.

What Size Weathervane Should I Choose?

The size question is another issue to address.  Generally, if you have a large home or structure, you will need a larger weathervane.  The higher the structure, the less noticeable the instrument will be, so a larger emblem and overall height will help with visibility.  Many people will want the larger one simply because its a long-term item to be enjoyed.  In other words, its worth the little bit extra to be able to enjoy it for years to come.

The best thing is to look at several styles of weathervanes and begin to narrow down the choices.  Once you find that special one, you'll have an easier time deciding where you want to put it.  And, in the end, you'll enjoy over and over and you come home. You will have succeeded in creating that special outdoor design focal point!

Check out our weathervanes below - Free Shipping while offer lasts!

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